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Post Date: Oct 04, 2012
Product ID : 594866098
Country Of Origin/Manufacture : United States of America
Minimum Order Quantity : 1000 Piece
Postage : See Item Description
Payment Type: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
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Product Description
Composition of peanut

Lowering Cholesterol level
In peanut, there are a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acids and linoleic acids and it has the efficacy of lowering cholesterol level and preventing arteriosclerosis.

Vitamin E in peanut acts as a anti-oxidants and shows excellent effect for skin care and anti-aging.

Diabetes Prevention and Treatment
More Details...
Peanut is a kind of nut having low glycemic index and it suppresses the increase of blood sugar. Taking a small amount after eating can give helps to prevent diabetes.

Brain development promotion
Peanuts contains a lot of lecithin, B vitamins and if it is taken by the children in growing stage, it shows efficacy to maintain clear head.

In addition to this, peanuts has excellent efficacy in constipation prevention, blood pressure adjustment, heart disease prevention, liver disease prevention.

What is WOODO Peanut?
WOODO peanut is a peanut which can be seen only in WOODO, island in island, in Jeju island representing clean area in Korea.

WOODO peanut is a product made by the combination of nature and man produced by the WOODO's unique soil where water is not stagnating well, a rough sea breeze and strong sunlight and pesticide-free farming and it is boasting deep flavor which cannot be tasted in the peanuts produced in other region. In addition, it has exotic look and small and rounded shape which makes it be separated from other peanuts and clear distinction is possible with the naked eye.

What is the WOODO Golden Peanut?
is the peanuts produced by 'Gold organic-modification technology' which fertilizes water, the gold water, which was purified by electroplating gold into particle smaller than nanoparticle on WOODO peanut for three times.

Gold is a kind of metal and it cannot be absorbed in human body. So, the large gold particle as large as the common edible gold is emitted from the body immediately after it enters into the human body where as the gold ingredient in WOODO peanut which is smaller than nanoparticle stays in human body for long time and it shows the efficacy such as anti-oxidation, immunity strengthening, etc.

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  • Enterprise Address:Room 7017-7019,Mordern city, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China , changzhou , jiangsu
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